Hard work and dedication have earned Evelyn the lead role in national commercials and films such as CrimeSight (directed by Trey Lindsay) in which she played a psychic heroine while performing all of her own stunts, a strong supporting role in Absolute Madness directed by Kevin J Hynes, and supporting roles in Skirting The Issues directed by Carlos Berrios, Salsero in Purgatory directed by Antonio De La Cruz and others.  Evelyn has performed in several films for director Ski-ter Jones, as well as a supporting role in Flight of the Conchords. 


Off Camera


Evelyn is an avid lover of the outdoor life, traveling the globe and enjoying many new experiences. She has a broad range of athletic skills and loves film-making, fitness, and travel. It could be here that we use a quote from Jim Pearson (my site). She thrives on physically exhilarating adventures and rarely turns down a challenge. When not at work or training, you can usually find her in the Caribbean diving for conch, swimming with dolphins and other aquatic life, or simply enjoying some downtime with the local community. 


where she developed a cosmopolitan perspective on the diverse social environment. 


Evelyn was born in New York City and is a graduate of SUNY Albany where Evelyn's focus of study was in English, Communications, Theater and the Arts. She also studied in New York and London with top industry coaches.  She is based in New York, is bi-coastal and is a member of both The Screen Actors Guild and The American Federation of Television and Recording Artists.






Evelyn has worked in the film and television industry since she was 19 years old. As a commercial actress that was very athletic, she was often booked on gigs that involved some sort of sport or physical activity such as performing with dolphins, scuba diving, horseback riding, swimming, snowboarding, fitness and other activities. That work, along with her acting background and desire to get more action roles, is what lead her to a career as a stunt performer. 




In 2007, she was finally given that chance by filmmaker, Trey Lindsay who booked her to play an action hero in his indie film. This allowed Evelyn to do all of her own stunts and fights scenes as well as gave her enough footage to start her very first stunt reel. In 2010, she landed a role as a Creative Consultant/Storyline Developer on a video game that allowed her to learn about motion capture. It was in 2014, when she landed her first professional underwater stunt job. This same year, Evelyn was fortunate enough to meet and be discovered  by the legendary, Jery Hewitt who recognized her abilities on the set of Shades of Blue as Jennifer Lopez's photodouble. He got her into training and continued to give her guidance and advice. Since then Evelyn has landed roles on big budget films such as John Wick 3 as an Assasin, on The George Town Project as a stuntdouble for Chloe Bailey and on serveral TV shows in New York, Atlanta and now Louisiana. 


Her skill set also includes: fighting, falls and wrecks, ground pounding, squibs, underwater stunts, horseback riding, Scuba Diving (Padi Certified Rescue Diver), working with animals and aquatic life. Continuous training includes but not limited to: tactical fireams, stunt driving, wire work, martial arts. Evelyn is also comfortable with dialogue in front of the camera.



Outdoor adventure and sports was always a way of life for Evelyn.  She is an avid lover of the outdoor life, traveling the globe and enjoying many new experiences.  She thrives on physically exhilarating adventures and rarely turns down a challenge.


As the host or RSN/Outdoor Television, Evelyn hit the slopes on her snowboard, the lake on her wakeboard, did horseback riding, fly fishing, hiking, biking and other outdoor adventures as she got the viewers excited about getting off the couch and getting into the outdoors. In her five years with RSN in Vermont, she hosted a variety of shows ranging from studio reporting to sports interviews at the ski slopes. Reflecting on her work with RSN, she says "Waking up at 5am, battling massive snowstorms and unbelievable temps to get to the station was tough. But I Iived for getting my viewers excited about going on adventures. I loved every minute of it."


Evelyn was also the dynamic host a reality show pilot that will change scuba diving forever, 'Ultimate Diver Challenge' 

Evelyn is bold and impressive, calling upon her rare level of endurance and physical ability. She credits her extremely fit physique to her lifestyle of eating well, keeping a positive spirit, and her love for outdoor adventure.


Her skill set is exceptional – skills that have earned her work with numerous high-caliber clients.  It is very common for Ev to work repeatedly with the same directors and producers as they find her a joy to work with as well as reliable, diligent, and professional. 





Evelyn is also a wildlife fanatic and is fearless when it comes to working with animals as well as all kinds of aquatic life. Her love for animals started very early in life having spent many summers on a 250 acre farm where she learned how to ride horses, care for farm animals and camp. Having no training at all, at the age of just 13, Evelyn started on her rescue journey, carefully raising an abandoned raccoon from birth until it was strong enough to be set it back into the wild. She has rescued everything from Pheasants; to twin newborn fawns, dogs, cats, birds and some other wildlife. She is an advocate of animal rights and preservation and has done several trips to the Caribbean to assist in animal rescue missions. This lead to producing, directing and filming a documentary based on the rehoming of homeless dogs called 'It's a Potcake Life'. Evelyn has since completed her second full length docuemtary on animal rescue called 'Circle of Strength' and in edit of her 3rd 'For Satos Sake'. All documentaries are done to help create awareness for people and animals in need. 


When Evelyn is not working, you can usually find her down in the Caribbean diving with the locals or just sitting at Lake Whitingham in Vermont where she enjoys visits from the American Bald Eagles. ​

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