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Outdoor adventure is a way of life for Evelyn, and hosting outdoor programs comes naturally for her. She is a fearless outdoor adventurer whose personality and communication skills make her an excellent host for reality programming.


Evelyn brings humor and a friendly heart to her outdoor adventures.  During summers on a 250 acre farm in Delaware, she learned how to ride horses and became an avid camper.  These early experiences taught Evelyn that outdoor adventures can lead to personal growth and transformation.


Evelyn’s outdoor expertise led to a hosting role for a new event, Ultimate Diver Challenge, which places scuba divers in technical and difficult underwater situations.  For this role, she wasn’t just talking with contestants.  She was diving in and out of deep waters and demonstrating the possibilities of scuba diving such as swimming in the same body of water as a twelve foot hammerhead shark.


Evelyn has a model’s poise and polish, but she’s as bold and fearless as they come.  She’s well acquainted with sports throughout the year.  In the warm seasons she enjoys mountain biking, horseback riding, boating, wake boarding, fly fishing, and hiking in the mountains.  In the winter, she challenges herself with deep powder snowshoeing and goes for double-diamond excitement with snowboarding and extreme snowmobiling across frozen lakes.  She’s always geared up and ready to go. She loves working with all types of animals which has always come very natural to her.


Communicating effectively on camera requires a rare combination of skills, and Evelyn has demonstrated her professional capabilities for a number of years.  Samples of her work available on Vimeo and YouTube show that she has the verbal fluency of a professional journalist along with the bold personality of an athletic adventurer.  Celebrity athletes such as Shawn White, Kelly Clark, and Simon Dumont have enjoyed being interviewed by Evelyn because she understands the challenges they face, and she brings a positive perspective to the conversation.  Similarly, when Evelyn is reporting on a natural disaster like the effects of Hurricane Irene, she connects with the audience by projecting her personal energy as well as a tone of serious and compassionate understanding.

During her years of hosting for an outdoor adventure show  in Vermont for Resort Sports Network (now part of Outside Television), Evelyn conducted smart interviews with athletes and participated in all of the outdoor activities herself.  

Coming from a family of women who are skilled at fishing, Evelyn was going out on deep-sea charter boats as early as five years old and hauling in prize-winning fish.  The ocean became a home away from home.  During a college summer vacation, Ev sailed around the Caribbean working as a deckhand.  When she visited the Bahamas, she decided to stay for a while, living like a true island girl.  She fell in love with the idea of hunting her own food from the sea, as she learned to dive for conch and other seafood, which she and her friends cook right on the beach.

Soon Evelyn was recognized for her outdoor skills and was chosen as the lead in several Caribbean commercials featuring swimming with dolphins, scuba diving alongside sharks and other sea life and cliff diving. 

For years now she has refined her rare combination of athletic aptitude, on-camera attractiveness, and articulate communication. And she works out with a disciplined intensity to maintain an exceptional level of fitness.


On her way to graduating from SUNY Albany, Evelyn had a semester abroad in England which allowed her to travel throughout Europe.  She then went on to hike in several of South Africa’s game reservations.  Her global awareness later led to becoming an on-camera spokesperson for a children’s charity with a visit to the villages of Jakarta, Indonesia.